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Beautiful work

I have just discovered your fabulous website via the Friends of the Peak District. The images you produce are absolutely breath taking, indeed better than real life. Beautiful work.
Rob Pritchard

Incredible Pictures

Visited the Three Roofs Cafe in Castleton for lunch today and was mesmerised by the displays of your work. I had to buy Early Morning Dew, it will give great pleasure. Thank you.
Kendra Allen

Your Effects

I have come across your website accidently while looking at sample Clikpic websites. I am head of Photography at the Tate Gallery in London. I'm interested in how you achieve the painterly, almost impressionistic effect in your images and how you create and add colour where there doesn't seem to be any. Your images are quite mesmerisingly colourful and captivate the imagination. Many thanks.
David Clarke, Head of Photography, The Tate Gallery


Amazing photographs you have on your site. An inspiration to us all, whether it be amatuer or professional. Thank you for sharing.
Jose Lopez

Your Photos

Your photos are stunning - having read about you in the March 2011 issue of the 'Digital Photography Enthusiast' magazine, I just had to have a look at your website.
Vicki Clemerson


Hi Simon, I came across you website via Clikpic and I can only say I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your images - they are stunning. Thank you for uplifting my day!

Simply Wonderful

Just a short note to say that your images are superb and certainly are exhibition material. Love them all, and keep it up.
John Paper

Well done - great site!

Cool site Simon. Just happened to come across it. Some cracking images as I would expect when I seen your name.
John Murphy

Your Photo's

I came across your site some time ago when looking at Clikpic. Fell in love with your style of HDR and bought Photomatix as a result. Thank you for introducing me to it!
David Ireland


I noticed some of your work on sale in Castleton, Derbyshire. I was captivated by your rendering of already stunning images, vividly fortified with adept use of colour. Your efforts shine.
Andy Bedford

Superb HDR work!

Your HDR landscape works are superb - the use of tone-mapping adds so well to your excellent compositions and capture of light and shadows. Great colouring and painterly style.

Images Galleries

Congratulations Simon on your website Galleries ... magic material. You are obviously a master of the Digital Photographic age.
Glenn . . . in Australia.
Glenn Rossiter

Awesome Images

Firstly Greetings from Guernsey, Channel Islands. I came across you photographs through the Digital Photographer website and I was really impressed with the oil paint type of effect plus such great colours & saturation, especially the church & train images. Keep the good images coming and all the best. Regards Alan.
Alan Shore

Your Galleries

Two words say it all . . . simply stunning!
Jane Chapman

Artistic effects

Just been looking at your images and I have to say I am 'Blown away'. I understand this may be a trade secret but how do you get that effect of a semi drawn effect ? I would love to try that out on my pictures. Great shots keep up the good work.
Steve Percival

I'd just like to say...

I love your site. Your images are amazing. Having looked through many sites on Clikpic I find myself coming back to yours for inspiration.
Matt Godfrey


Simon . . . I stumbled across your site while browsing and was immediately blown away with your images, absolutely stunning.
Patrick Kelly

Excellent Images

I have just stumbled across your site and just had to comment on the excellent images. I am in the enthusiastic photographer category and find these images an inspiration.
Simon Barnfield

Some Quick Feedback

Just stumbled across your website and wanted to give you some feedback as I think your images are great - particularly like the train set. Great stuff!


Just had to write and congratulate you on a superb collection of images.

I found your site by accident and was so impressed that it inspired me to get out and about more and set up my own site through Clikpic.

The image 'Ready & Waiting' is my personal favourite, the moment was perfectly timed and captured and looks really natural.. Superb!!!!
Dave Shakespeare


I have been looking at your images for best part of an hour. I am in the process of buying my first DSLR and after looking at your site I can't wait to get out there. An inspiration . . .
Dene Cochrane

Really Impressed

WOW! You are very talented and your combination of photo and art is stunning.

Like the pix...

Hi Simon,
I was just browsing examples of Clikpic's websites and found yours. You have some beautiful photographs and I think you should consider charging more for your prints!
Tim Cuff

Great stuff!

Really like your images ...Congrats on a very interesting website!

Amazing Pictures!

Your photography is just stunning, you manage to capture the Peak District (and so many very familiar places) that I know and love, in all it's glory, only so much better and brighter! Your HDR work is superb.
Liz Lane


Hi Simon. I think that your images are absolutely amazing. They look like paintings. I do not know how you achieve such fantastic colours and tonal depth. I suspect that you must have mastered the art of HDR but I am not sure. Your church interior pictures are my favourites. Superb work.
Tomasz Juszczak

Inspiring Images

Hi, been looking on What Digital Camera at your uploads, some great pictures done in HDR, so detailed. Did a search and managed to find your web site, pleased I did, many thanks. Keith.
Keith Smith

Your Images

Simon - Your composition is second to none and HDR lends itself particularly to transport and architectural work extremely well.
Paul Maguire

Fantastic Images

First class images Simon.
Jim Glazzard

Great Website Material

I came across your website by chance while looking at Clikpic’s samples, and I can see why they have chosen your site to show case their customer websites. I think that your HDR images are certainly different, and they do look like paintings. I know that not many have followed in this mastery yet! Pleased that you have managed to showcase a varied selection of material, and may have a few converts by the sound of comments. Hopefully some deserved revenue will follow. Well Done!
John Wennington


I think your landscapes are superb.
Alfie Perez


Simon, I'm so impressed with your images. Absolutely excellent! This is photography how I like it. Don't suppose you've thought about holding some classes have you . . ?
Jon Harris

HDR Images

Simon, your images are fantastic. I am just starting out of the road to HDR and your site has spurred me on. I hope to catch you up. Regards Terry
Terry Jones